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CapitalCamp 2013

Wirtten on 08/06/2013, by Chad Hester | Comments

The Drupal community is a great educator for the platform.  On July 26th and 27th I was happy that I could attend my first CapitalCamp:  A two-day, education-packed event held at George Washington University in Washington D.C., all for $20.  My wife, Shelley, also happens to be ramping up her web design and Drupal knowledge, so the timing couldn't have been better.  She and I mauled over the...

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Budget Control

Wirtten on 08/01/2013, by Nina Samberg | Comments

A few tips on managing the dreaded B-word. If you work on tech projects in any capacity then I’m pretty sure that one of your least favorite topics is “the budget”. You are not alone. There are many complex reasons that sticking to “the budget” is challenging to say the least. As someone who manages complex Drupal builds every day, I can attest that we could all use a little bit more time to wrap...

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Top 5 Niches of a Well Rounded Drupal Developer

Wirtten on 08/01/2013, by Jonathon Whitener | Comments

I've been a professional Drupal developer for over 6 years now. In that time, I've seen a wide variety of projects come across my desk. These days, a healthy portion of my day to day activity is being the technical sales person / solutions architect on sales calls, RFP responses, timelines, and estimates. The point of this blog post came from me being a bit introspective. During the first couple...

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Introducing Drupal Speak

Wirtten on 07/24/2013, by Anne Easterling | Comments

As our name proclaims, Drupal is the tool of choice for developers here at Drupal Connect. If you’re new to Drupal, the technical language might be confusing. Here are a the most important words in “Drupal-speak” to help you feel more comfortable when you start working with your new site. Nodes Lookup “node” in the dictionary, and the first entry will be read something like a knot, connecting...

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Don't Sweat Drupal Upgrades: Take Advantage

Wirtten on 04/15/2013, by Mike Crittenden | Comments

Drupal's upgrade mantra has always been "we will break your code but we won't break your data" and for that reason, Drupal core and contrib maintainers typically spend a lot of time and effort in providing upgrade paths for your data so you can theoretically just run the upgrade script and update your code and you're good to go. In practice, this is rarely the case. We all know that Drupal major...

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Drupal not Sending Email? Let's Debug it!

Wirtten on 03/11/2013, by Mike Crittenden | Comments

So your Drupal site doesn't seem to be sending any email. Bummer. Here are some steps to debug the issue you're having. Step 0: Check your spam folder As always with email related issues, step 0 should be to check the junk folder. You can save yourself a lot of debugging. Step 1: Test email outside of Drupal To do this, create a small PHP script with this in it: &lt;?php<br /...

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Converting an existing Drupal site to MongoDB

Wirtten on 03/07/2013, by Mike Crittenden | Comments

Converting an existing Drupal site to MongoDB All the cool kids lately are using MongoDB field storage to scale their Drupal sites. That’s all fine and dandy if you use it from the get go since that’s what it’s made for, but converting an existing Drupal site to it can be a bit of a pain. There are basically three parts to the conversion process: 1. Initial setup 2. Convert the...

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Trekk: Drupal Distribution for Universities Beta 3 Release

Wirtten on 10/26/2012, by Tim Loudon | Comments

Trekk Beta 3 Release Drupal Connect is happy to announce the release of Trekk Beta 3! This new release has been updated to Drupal 7.16 and includes improvements to the Trekk Client module, which makes it even easier to write custom clients. You can read more about Trekk and download this latest release at Flatfish, an easy way to migrate HTML into Drupal In case...

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Merkle Support Case Study

Wirtten on 10/18/2012, by Brian Craigie | Comments

Overview is a corporate site for a large international company. The focus for this project was to pickup where the previous development company left off and to bring the project to completion. The main points of focus during the push to deployment where maintainability, performance, functionality and styling. DrupalConnect was engaged to bring our expertise into the development...

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Drupal Flatfish Walkthrough

Wirtten on 10/08/2012, by Tim Loudon | Comments

Migrate HTML with flatfish! Flatfish is part Ruby gem, part Drupal module and it's a fantastic way to migrate your old site into Drupal. It's flexible and powerful — dynamically matches up with your content type fields, grabs images, and gives you fine-grain control with CSS selectors. We've used flatfish at Stanford and Stevens Institute of Technology to cut our migration times by 25% and...

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