Merkle Support Case Study


Overview is a corporate site for a large international company. The focus for this project was to pickup where the previous development company left off and to bring the project to completion. The main points of focus during the push to deployment where maintainability, performance, functionality and styling. DrupalConnect was engaged to bring our expertise into the development process and help get the project across the finish line. During the initial stages we found a number of issues that we had to address in order to meet the deadline and launch the site.


  • Limited server access
  • Multiple unused views and contexts across the configuration
  •  Lack of version control
  • No documented way to deploy changes
  • Inefficient view queries
  • A number of performance issues


DrupalConnect consultants quickly took stock of the current configuration and made a number of suggestions to improve the architecture. Over the course of the engagement DrupalConnect assisted in finding a new hosting provider as well as gave input on the optimal configuration of the server environments. Drupal staples such as drush and features were leveraged to help improve performance and maintainability by getting configuration out of the database and into code. Once that code was created the consulting team helped implement GIT as the version control system on the project. By the time the site was launched the project was scalable and maintainable.


The outcome of the project was a successful one. In the end the client was provided a functioning, and scalable site on a new hosting platform that could growth with the company for years to come. The site has now launched and is in phase2 of development with the DrupalConenct team. In light of our improvments Merkle has continued to engage our team for a number of other drupal projects outside of the original contract.


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