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Interview with Nina Samberg: Senior Project Manager

Wirtten on 07/13/2012, by admin1 | Comments

  1) How did you get to be at Drupal Connect? I used to work with Hally at Digital Rhino with George Matthes where I did some in-house design and project management for Drupal Projects.  2) What is the best part of your job? Hmmmm the best part of my job is that it's always challenging! There's always something new that needs to be solved or completed.  I love knowing that everyday I'm going...

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Drupal News: What's new in Drupal 2012

Wirtten on 07/09/2012, by admin1 | Comments

This week in Drupal news, the Drupalcon Munich session schedule went live: If you are planning on being in Munich round August 20 - 24th 2012 it may well be worth getting your tickets and registering to attend here: Dries will of course be the Keynote Speaker along...

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E-commerce: Problems, Solutions and Considerations

Wirtten on 06/27/2012, by Mike Crittenden | Comments

  In the day and age of “the cloud”, everything seems to be making its way to the browser, and commerce is no exception. More and more companies are making their products and services available online, resulting in many options for us developers.  When creating a Drupal site, people can often forget to consider all their site’s requirements and simply choose the most popular e-commerce options...

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Mobile Design Trends 5 Top Tips: Kathy Chavez, Senior Themer

Wirtten on 06/25/2012, by admin1 | Comments

  Responsive seems to be the latest buzz-word in web design & development, and rightly so with the advent of all the mobile devices out there and everyone looking up stuff 'on the go'. As designers & developers it is our duty to discuss the responsive option with our clients. It could very well be that the expectations for your site visitors to be “practically never” that they will view...

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Interview with Roger Soper: Senior Developer for Drupal Support

Wirtten on 06/21/2012, by admin1 | Comments

1. Tell us about Drupal Connect Support: what is it and how does it differ from say regular development work? We started offering Drupal Support about a year ago and quickly realized there was a significant demand for high-quality Drupal skills in a more flexible package than what other providers were able to offer. Our clients are extremely happy, we have well over a 90% retention rate. In...

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Interview with John Florez: CEO of Drupal Connect

Wirtten on 06/20/2012, by admin1 | Comments

1. How did you come up with the idea to start Drupal Connect? My wife Karen and I started a technology recruitment company in 2003. By early 2009, we began to see more companies looking for Drupal developers. At the same time, there was a significant dip in available technology jobs: we were witnessing the second-largest economic downturn is U.S history. The Drupal traction sparked an interest...

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Interview with Chris Boag: VP of Professional Services

Wirtten on 06/18/2012, by admin1 | Comments

1) How did you come to be at Drupal Connect? I was looking for a job that allowed me to be creative, active and with the opportunity to speak to people all over the world. I wanted to work with intelligent creative people, that were at the forefront of their industry and that had the flexibility to work from where ever they wanted but still could have fun working together. I found DC and it...

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Responsive Web Design

Wirtten on 06/18/2012, by Kim Murphy | Comments

What do your users currently see when visiting your site on the go? In this day and age people are constantly accessing the web from their mobile devices, and will continue to do so even more as our phones, tablets, and connection qualities increase.  If you’re considering a new website or site redesign, creating a great mobile experience for your users should be a top consideration, or even a...

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How To Learn Drupal

Wirtten on 06/04/2012, by Mike Crittenden | Comments

People seem to ask this question a lot. When you’re learning something, it’s comforting to know that you’re doing it correctly and efficiently and that you’re not learning the wrong way or the long way. So here's the approach that I'd recommend. General Advice As with most things programming related, the best way to get up and running for most people is just to do it already. Download Drupal,...

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Drupal Connect, North Studio Announce Merger

Wirtten on 12/01/2011, by John Florez | Comments

NEW YORK, N.Y., and VANCOUVER, B.C., May 1, 2012 – Drupal Connect and Canadian Drupal development firm North Studio announced Tuesday they have merged, creating the most diverse professional Drupal development, support and training team with a complement of over 75 professionals. Both companies will continue to do business under their respective names, with each one respectively becoming the...

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