Interview with Nina Samberg: Senior Project Manager


1) How did you get to be at Drupal Connect?
I used to work with Hally at Digital Rhino with George Matthes where I did some in-house design and project management for Drupal Projects. 

2) What is the best part of your job?
Hmmmm the best part of my job is that it's always challenging! There's always something new that needs to be solved or completed.  I love knowing that everyday I'm going to have new things on my plate and work with different people. Clients and developers, so there's no shortage of excitement.

3) Whats the worst part about your job?
By far the hardest thing is managing client expecations. Most clients don't know alot about Drupal development so there is always an education curve that we need to embrace and go on that journey with them. So by far the biggest part of my job is educating them and explaining things often take more time to be done correctly. Alot of clients have trouble understanding this because they want things done fast and cheap. We just don't work that way. The best results often take time and a high level of considered effort and I love that our company embraces this working philospohy.

4) When you were growing up what did you want to be?
I don't think I had any idea, I just knew I wanted to work with people and help them. I liked working with people and solving problems. The best part of my job day to day is that I'm always helping people solve pretty complex business problems, and it feels great to help them.

5) Can you share with us a project that you've worked on recently that your proud of?
Recently I managed a design and development project for The Adolescent Health and Wellness Center Club TEA (Teens in Action). This is an online resource for teenagers in NYC which allows them to connect and learn about all kinds of things that teenagers care about: Nutrition, Health, Education and Community Projects. The site helps teenagers find volunteers opportunities in their community and provides a way for them to interact.

6) What's so great about working with Drupal?
Drupal is amazingly flexible to suit so many different types of websites and needs. Developers love to work with it. Clients love to work with it. You don't have to be technically savvy to love Drupal. Why? Because it can do really difficult big feature functionality but still manages to have an intuitive interface for users so everyones needs are met. It's the best CMS I've ever worked with.

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