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How to control sorting for nodes with missing values in sort field in Apache Solr

Wirtten on 10/14/2010, by Anonymous | Comments

The other day while hanging out in IRC, I was pinged by katbailey, the Lady of the Lovely Voice (I could listen to her talk for hours) with a question about sorting in Solr when a sort field doesn't contain a value.  In particular, how can you control whether nodes without a value in the sort field show up at the beginning or end of the search results?  In her particular case, there was a Price...

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Drupal Connect Continues The Acquia Podcast

Wirtten on 06/23/2010, by Anonymous | Comments

As some of you who follow Drupal Planet might have noticed, I have "taken over" the Acquia Drupal podcast.  I've always followed Drupal podcasts, including the Acquia podcast. I had noticed that there had not been any new episodes put out in a while, and so I approached Robert Douglass and Bryan House of Acquia at Drupalcon San Francisco back in April about continuing the podcast .  They agreed,...

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Configuring Apache Solr Multi-core With Drupal and Tomcat on Ubuntu 9.10

Wirtten on 06/18/2010, by Anonymous | Comments

One of the things I've had to do recently is set up a development server that has multiple sites with Apache Solr so that each site has its own index in Solr.  After searching the internets for information on how to do this, I found two sources that contained part of the process, but not put together in a way that worked for me.      Nick Veenhof's blog post on setting up Solr on Ubuntu 9.10...

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Creating Custom Path For Solr Search With Custom Filters

Wirtten on 06/13/2010, by Anonymous | Comments

One of the most commonly used features in Drupal is path aliases; that is, the ability to define a custom, clean URL that accurately represents the content contained in that page.  A basic example is creating a URL for an About Us page.  This can also be done in Apache Solr with search result pages.  It's a bit more work than setting up an alias with the Pathauto module, but...

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Adding Custom Fields to Apache Solr Search Results

Wirtten on 06/06/2010, by Anonymous | Comments

As I mentioned in my previous post on adding a custom sort to Solr, this post is about something that is even simpler; adding a new field to the search results.  In our particular use case, we wanted to add a CCK image field to the results.  To add a slight twist, we needed to add a different image depending on the content type: the user picture for a profile node (created with content_profile...

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Creating Custom Sorts In Apache Solr

Wirtten on 06/05/2010, by Anonymous | Comments

I attended Drupalcon for the first time this year in San Francisco, and of all the sessions I attended, one that really stood out for me was Apache Solr Search Mastery, put on by Robert Douglass and Peter Wolanin of Acquia and James McKinney of Evolving Web.  It was like the first time I read "Pro Drupal Development", in that it really opened my eyes as to what is possible with the Solr module. ...

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Our New Website

Wirtten on 06/03/2010, by John Florez | Comments

Our new name more closely aligns with who we are today as an organization. After initially starting out as a staffing company specializing in finding Drupal talent, we have now evolved into a full-service firm that provides Drupal development, consulting and training services to more than 100 clients throughout North America, some of whom are Fortune 100 companies including GE, NBC and A&E...

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