Our New Website

Drupal Staffing and Consulting has officially changed its name to Drupal Connect.

Our new name more closely aligns with who we are today as an organization. After initially starting out as a staffing company specializing in finding Drupal talent, we have now evolved into a full-service firm that provides Drupal development, consulting and training services to more than 100 clients throughout North America, some of whom are Fortune 100 companies including GE, NBC and A&E Networks. In the past year, Drupal Connect has been engaged in some of the largest and most complex Drupal projects on the Web. Our philosophy is simple, hire the best people and provide our clients with the best service possible.

Since our inception in February of 2009, we have engaged in over 50 web development projects and employed over 200 Drupal developers across North America. In addition, we have also sponsored close to a dozen Drupal camps all across the US including most recently becoming gold sponsors at the Drupal design camp in Boston, MA. For the remainder of 2010 our prospects remain strong and our outlook extremely promising. We are extremely fortunate to have a team of brilliant people who are hard working and passionate for their love of Drupal.

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