Drupal Connect Continues The Acquia Podcast

As some of you who follow Drupal Planet might have noticed, I have "taken over" the Acquia Drupal podcast.  I've always followed Drupal podcasts, including the Acquia podcast. I had noticed that there had not been any new episodes put out in a while, and so I approached Robert Douglass and Bryan House of Acquia at Drupalcon San Francisco back in April about continuing the podcast .  They agreed, and so I took it from there. The first episode - an interview with Steven Merrill from Treehouse Agency on continuous integration with Hudson and Simpletest - was released yesterday, and more are in the works.  In fact, I interviewed Robert Douglass from Acquia today for the next episode, and we discussed all things Solr in Drupal.  We covered a lot of information, so it should be a very useful episode for anyone interested in Solr.

So keep your eyes (and ears) open for future podcasts, and contact me via our contact form if you or someone else you know are doing something cool in Drupal that you think would be a good podcast topic.

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