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The Benefits of Telecommuting

Wirtten on 10/04/2011, by Tim Loudon | Comments

Since telecommuting came into vogue 5-10 years ago, we've seen tons of varying opinions--just google it, there are plenty of experts and journalists all saying different things. So while I can't universally say that telecommuting is the right option for everyone, I can absolutely say it's right for us and our clients at Drupal Connect where 90% of our development team is virtual. Here's Why...

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FTP "Aliases" on a Server by Mounting

Wirtten on 05/25/2011, by admin | Comments

If you are having a hard time trying to get your FTP program to find and use an alias to a directory on a server, you are trying to use the alias in the wrong way. What you are looking to do is mount a directory and bind it to another directory.   The Problem Say you have shell (SSH) access to a server. Logging in (scp username@server_address) you are taken to your personal user folder on that...

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A Drupal Recipe for Linking Content Types via Titles and URLs

Wirtten on 05/20/2011, by Anonymous | Comments

On a current project, I discovered the truth to the phrase in the Drupal community of "there's a module for that". As I initially looked at what I needed to do for a requirement, I was thinking that I would need to write a small amount of custom code in a glue module, but upon doing more research, I discovered that there were multiple modules that, when pieced together, would do exactly what I...

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Taxonomy: Integration with Menu and Views

Wirtten on 04/27/2011, by admin | Comments

The proper usage of taxonomy terms in the construction of a site remains elementary for a seasoned Drupal Developer. To the layperson, however, the existence of taxonomy terms themselves remains a mystery, much less an indispensable tool. The use of taxonomy in conjunction with URL paths provides an unbeatable nervous system for organizing a site, leveraging Views arguments and building powerful...

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Six Secrets to Attracting and Retaining Quality Drupal Developers

Wirtten on 04/06/2011, by John Florez | Comments

Attracting and retaining quality Drupal developers can be challenging for a Drupal business. This is complicated by the disparity of supply and demand that exist. Drupal developers are among the most coveted and there doesn't seem to be a slowdown for their demand. DrupalConnect first opened it's doors a little over two years ago. At the time we were called "Drupal Staffing", we were a recruiting...

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Jean Bartik Dies at 86

Wirtten on 03/24/2011, by admin | Comments

Drupal Connect mourns the passing of Jean Bartik, a great pioneer in the history of Computer Programming; the namesake of our core Drupal 7 theme, “Bartik”. Born on a farm near Stanberry, Missouri, Ms. Bartik was the only female Mathematics major when she graduate from Northwest Missouri State Teachers College. She was recruited by the US Army as a human “calculator” and chosen to program the...

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Betty White is Mfalme

Wirtten on 03/21/2011, by admin | Comments

Even true statements like, “content is king” can become quite cliché after a while. Using “mfalme,” the Swahili word for “King,” may not make it much less cliché but it does help make a nice transition into the analogy I’m about to use: Some potential customers are like Kenyan children. Others are like Kenyan adults. Which customers you attract depends on what you offer. Where the hell am I going...

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Drupal Check! Ubercart Check!

Wirtten on 02/28/2011, by admin | Comments

Like any professional worth their salt in today's world I have a daily regimen of reading blog posts, watching videos and attending online webinars for continuing education in my field. As SEO is an ever changing discipline I must remain sharp. This morning I read a great post by Mike Pantoliano over at SEOmoz. Mike's post, Tips and Must-Haves for your eCommerce Platform, is an overview of...

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The Importance of Being Exhaustive

Wirtten on 02/16/2011, by admin | Comments

I dreamt last night that I was part of an Arts program in a obscure North Eastern College. As a week long program, the schedule was packed with events, classes and to dos. We were all excited to be there - inspired to create, explore our selves. Throughout the week, there were distinct daily conversations; some students were engaged in the similar conversations; other students were lost at what...

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Google Maps and user activity integration

Wirtten on 11/30/2010, by Jonathon Whitener | Comments

Recently, a client approached us to create functionality for their Drupal site similar to what does, but based on user activity of the site. The idea is that we would present the user a map, and plot the latest user activity update as a point on the map using geocoded data based on IP address. Then, after a certain interval of time, we make an ajax call to the server to see if there...

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