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Mitigating Risk

Risk is always a key factor in any project, so allow our Senior Project Manager Vanessa to outline some of the things to watch out for!

Hitting your Timeline

After reviewing budget and scope the third factor in your project would be "Hitting Your Timeline" Drupal Connect Director of User Experience & Senior Project Manager Vanessa shares how to stay on tra

Managing Scope

The second most important aspect of your Drupal Connect web development project is to manage the scope.

Controlling Budget

Our Senior Project Manager & Director of User Experience Vanessa reviews the ins and outs of controlling your projects budget.

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Drupal Connect: Contributing a Module

Contributed code: Getting more out of Drupal development efforts

Drupal is a CMS (content management system) that uses an open source license. This GPL license is also applied to any contributed code that is added...

Drupal Core and Module Updates - What Every Drupal Website Owner Should Know

Everything In Life Needs Maintenance When it came to driving, I was a late starter. I was in no rush really, content to simply ride my skateboard...

Clutch Top Drupal Developers 2014

Drupal Connect chosen as a Clutch Top Drupal Development firm

We’re excited to announce that Drupal Connect has been chosen as a Top Drupal Development firm by Clutch! Clutch is the number one independent...

Naming conventions

While human-readable titles should be consistent in engineered systems, the focus of this article targets code-related naming conventions. This guide...