The HIA-CLIC website was developed by UCLA Health Impact Assessment Project and designed by WebFirst. The website serves as a searchable/browsable catalog of current health impact assessments. WebFirst partnered with Drupal Connect to transition the static site design files to a fully integrated Drupal theme which takes full advantage of the Views module, Panels module, and Taxonomy system to create a site that is both easy to use and maintain.

Technical Highlights

Highly Customized Design:
The provided site design was a highly designed custom look that required special attention to detail and knowledge of Drupal’s theming override mechanisms. Drupal Connect created a Zen sub-theme to accommodate the needs of the design and the client.

Custom Panels Template:
For the home page, Drupal Connect crafted a customized Panels theme template to accommodate the variety of content types and maintain the design integrity.

Form Manipulation:
Heavy use of the form API to override provided search forms in order to match supplied design requirements.

Custom Javascript:
Developed custom theme-specific jQuery code to handle functionality related to a special block region that can be opened and closed by the user and remembers its’ previous state from page to page.

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