Node.js Staffing by Drupal Connect

DrupalConnect's node.js staffing solutions take all of the headache out of hiring a node.js developer to build your node application. Our node.js developers are vetted by our technical staff to provide best in industry node application development staffing.

What is node.js?

Node.js provides an event-driven architecture and a non-blocking I/O API designed to optimize an application's throughput and scalability for real-time web applications. It uses Google V8 JavaScript engine to execute code, and a large percentage of the basic modules are written in JavaScript. Node.js contains a built-in library to allow applications to act as a stand-alone web server. 

Why should I use node.js?

If you are looking at building a website or web application that will require a persistent connection back to the server. This means that node.js is a good fit for websites or web applications that need to present information in realtime. You can even build scalable chat cliets or RESTful API with a smaller processing overhead. Node.js also has a fantastic package manager in NPM, and a very active developer community that continues improving the platform.

Even developers love node.js - it is easy to scale and because it allows the use of one language, JavaScript, for the front-end and back-end.

Why Node.js Staffing through DrupalConnect?

Simple - DrupalConnect has a history of outstanding staffing placement and development. The developers that  DrupalConnect provides to clients are the same developers have been used to complete DrupalConnect's other projects. Our teams have worked on projects for clients like Stanford and National Co+Op Grocers.