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Steve Williams

Vice President of Engineering

Steven Williams started developing Drupal sites in 2008 after first implementing his own Content Management System at the University of Texas at Austin. He has over 10 years of experience developing web applications with a focus on data. Steve has launched and managed digital media repositories for digital objects, graduate theses and professor publications. He has a knack for simplifying and improving performance of complex queries and extending Drupal’s storage solutions. Steve has enhanced Drupal with Solr integration on several projects, with several data points.

You can often find Steve at local Drupal camps and conferences. He is a member of the Drupal Association and has been a Drupal.org member for more than 5 years. He contributes to Drupal issue queues and modules. The open community of Drupal impressed and interested him because of the endless possibilities to make any client’s dream a reality.

Steve works hard so he plays hard too. As a means to clear his head Steve can be found playing superheroes with his son, taking a spin around the Texas Hill Country in his Z06 Corvette with his wife, or out hitting a round of golf.