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Michael Surbook

Technical Writer

Michael first involved himself with web development around 1997, creating a very basic HTML site. Since then, he's worked to expand his HTML and CSS skills, became a certified Macintosh OS X service and support technician, and has worked at such diverse locations as Johns Hopkins Hospital, NASA, NIH, and the US Senate. He first encountered Drupal in 2012, and has been working to migrate his website (the one he created in 1997) over to Drupal. All 8,000 files of it.

On Drupal Connect projects, Michael can be found writing and editing the following:  requirements documents, how-to documents, client emails, meeting notes, and just about anything else that requires written documentation. He also does site testing, QA, and little development.

Michael is currently living in Columbia, MD. His various hobbies and interests include table-top gaming, computer gaming, sequential art, general art, animation, martial arts cinema, reading, history and historical reenactment, and writing.