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Lathan Britz

Senior Developer

Lathan Britz after unpacking Drupal 4.6 he has been hooked on Drupal, the endless possibilities of the CMS fascinates him. With over 12 years experience building web application from cross country payment solutions for Banks, to working with huge datasets delivering new features daily for startups. Lathan has migrated, launched and maintained a donation platform for one of the world's largest NOG's. The experience gained from these projects provides him with considerable knowledge and insight into successful project(s) life cycle.

As well as an active member in the Drupal community Lathan a previous member of the views bug squad (now a core module). He is also a Drupal.org member for over 10 years and constantly writing patches, helping out in documentation. He was heavily involved with the contributed modules to Drupal Commerce as many were in their infancy when several projects depended on their functionality.

Having moved across the world from South Africa all the way to Chile. Lathan spends most of his time still trying to wrap his head around all the Chilean slang. Living in Patagonia he enjoys riding his enduro bike up and down the volcanos that surround the lake on which he stays, or running after all the animals on the plot, he has even built two cabins by hand.