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Alison Rhea

Operations Manager

Alison started at Drupal Connect in May 2013. She has had numerous clerical positions in multiple office environments, from running an outreach program at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, to sitting as the Operations Coordinator at Straight Line Productions out of Bristol, RI setting up trade shows all over the U.S.

She first came in to Drupal Connect to help redecorate the office and is now working as Office Manager, wearing many hats and assisting in anything she can in order to keep the Newport office running smoothly. She feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to work side by side with some of the most awesome people she’s ever met.

Originally from Northern California, Alison moved to Rhode Island in 2011. She has a thirst for traveling, learning, teaching, creating and basically experiencing life to the fullest! She loves live music, playing on bongos, painting, camping and surrounding herself with positive, adventurous people.