Zhu-niverse Support Case Study




Zhu-niverse and its sister site Dagedar are online product catalog used to display various items in the product line. These products are aimed at the youth market across the world. This brings into the equation multilingual complications (left to right and right to left) as well as incorporating bright colorful designs. The two sites came to our support team in need of a complete overhaul of the theme and i18n configuration.


To fix many items and missing components throughout the site including:

  • Pathing and redirect issues throughout the site
  • Fixing and Rebuilding of non-standard Menus.                              
  • Drupal menu system
  • Broken Theme Structure
  • Missing / Broken images (mainly due to internationalization)
  • Heavy internationalization issues (site is in 7 different languages)
  • Server Migration from 2 mirrored servers to one server (cutting client costs)


Rebuilt the theme, menu system , and fixed internationalization issues. We streamlined the process to add brand new languages to the site without the need to hard code templates and image paths. The support team created brand new themes for both sites that where to Drupal standard. Workflow was also addressed by leveraging a number of contributing modules as well as some custom built modules to meet niche needs. Overall the theme, content types, configuration, and block placement were all updated. Ultimately the client ended up with increased performance and a more standardized platform.

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