Drupalcon Munich, what's happening and what to expect from DC Munich?

So, the countdown is on.... Drupalcon Munich 2012 is only 2 weeks away, so we thought what better way to get you all excited then to take a look at what to expect this year from Drupalcon Munich!

We're looking forward to hearing more about Open Government from a European context. Opengov.me founder Anke Domscheit-Berg will present a keynote on Digital Democracy. Her talk will focus on How Technology helps Governments and Citizens to Open Up Politics and Public Administration how governments can use Web 2.0 to improve themselves, become more open and transparent. In 2009, Anke founded the Government 2.0 Camp in Germany, which is now renamed as Open Government Camp. She also co-founded the NGO Government 2.0 Network Germany, where she is a board member. 

Tiffany Farriss, owner of Palantir will host a session discussing 'Negotiating Open Source'.  As the market for Drupal goes beyond open source enthusiasts, it’s increasingly being adopted by companies and organizations unfamiliar or even uncomfortable with the GPL. Part of the challenge we all face in “selling Drupal” is helping prospective clients understand the advantages of contributing back and becoming part of a free and open source software ecosystem.

Another challenge is dealing with with legacy intellectual property clauses in software development agreements that don't adequately reflect the realities of working with free and open source software. In this session, Tiffany will discuss various approaches for discussing open source with your clients and negotiating GPL-friendly language into your agreements. 

Also the Web Chick herself, Director of Community Development at Acquia, the lovely humble and gracious Angie Byron will update us on Drupal 8. Since March 2011, the community has been hard at work on Drupal 8, which is currently undergoing active development. This revolutionary new release sports tons of improvements, and Angela Byron, Drupal core committer and long-time core developer, will lead you through the most important ones and how they'll impact your future site building endeavors.


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