Drupalcon Munich!

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, in Germany was the location for resounding success of DrupalCon 2012. It was the perfect host for the theme of connecting systems and people who came from all corners of the world to attend. Thanks to the awesome hard work and dedication of volunteers and Drupal Association sponsors conference organizers truly reflected the degree of flexible professionalism Drupal stands for. The conference was able to engage the experience, expertise, and ideas of the attendees. Community was created through the comprehensive study of professional development

DrupalCon Munich started with a preconference day which offered the opportunity for those not attending the conference to get some useful training, and an overview of Drupal and how it interfaces with the web.

With thirty six beginner sessions within the conference, DrupalCon offered the foundational support for understanding, implementing, and building on the attendee’s capacity to work with greater efficiency and more productivity. The opportunities provided by the varied topics of the sessions helped beginners gain an understanding of the backbone of Drupal providers in all areas of Drupal development.

Training in both discovering and developing personal contribution to the Drupal community was varied with personal topics and issues as well as business and creative potentialities.  Hey, we all know that it is really what forms the strong networking and connections that open up many of business opportunities in our futures.

The quality of instruction, knowledge and conceptual marketing possibilities was inspirational and well-presented. Participants left with more than a sound footing, and the European Drupal community was strengthened.

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